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Chaotic Convergence

Where my right brain and left brain meet.

Chaos is an emotion and discretion is required.

a. an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page

b. a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user


a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

Chaotic Convergence

a hybrid of a journal and a blog with the more personal items protected by a friendslock

I'm a man about town, jack of all trades, raconteur, entrepreneur, who'll also answer to arrogant bastard. I'm a stay-at-home, work-from-home Dad, who has discovered a way to be heard. I have knowledge, experience, opinions and have been known to develop scenarios about almost any subject, but thankfully, I also know how to hold my tongue when it's the proper thing to do.

Since starting this endeavor and my journey into electronic published media, I've found that I tier the things I'd like to say; Some are worthy of being on top, while additional info and a bit freer expression is often reserved for comments. The further I am from my own journal, the less inhibited I've been known to be. This did not begin as a conscious effort, but over time, it has worked for me.

If you decide to friend this journal or subscribe to my feed, you may find that some subjects seem to be of greater interest to me as a person. I have thoughts about almost every subject and some do, more often, merit a post. Though, perhaps my greatest interests are having fun and the free exchange of ideas.

My Tag Cloud

I will friend persons who post items or comments about which I am interested, perhaps for reasons known only to me, but only because I'm interested in what they have to say or would like to invite them into my world.

If an unknown entity wishes to friend me, I will examine their board and minus any moral objections to their subject matter, I will most likely reciprocate. All persons are welcome to comment on my posts, be they a friend or not. Though, I reserve the right to cancel any comments which I deem offensive to myself or the community.

Also, it should be noted for the record; Commas, semicolons and I have always had a love/hate relationship.
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And, now for an exercise in the abstract...