Magister (discreet_chaos) wrote,

The Global Pool of Money

I realize that haven't posted for more than a year and maybe this will signal an end to my silence, plus maybe prompt me to post some kind of explanation, but I thought the following links were too good not to share.

As you've probably noticed, the whole world is in a state of turmoil because to quote John McCain, "the economy is about to crater".

I've seen a few folks on my friendlist wonder about this and/or offer their opinions over the past couple of weeks, so when I learned about an easy-to-understand explanation of the problem which was put together for NPR's "This American Life", back in May, I thought it was too important not to pass along.

Streaming Audio

ETA: The audio version is 59 minutes and the transcript is 20 pages, so if you're one of those on-the-go kind of folks, there's also a paid download available on the program's archive. (#355, May '08)
Tags: current events
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