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Chaotic Convergence
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Job Description: Make Believiologist 
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15th-Aug-2007 01:50 pm
I was fishing through Fox News the other evening, when I ran across a video titled "Post Porn Effect" and because it obviously discusses one of the topics that I've blogged about in the past, I clicked to view.

If pressed, I can say that I may agree with some of the stuff spouted by "Sexologist" Yvonne Fulbright, but I don't believe all or possibly most of it by any means and the following quotes jumped out at me, as being worthy of note;
Up until today, we've seen people with a warped sense of their sexuality because a Puritanical background. Twenty years from now, it'll be because we're a porn-obsessed culture that really is perverse in the way that we're handling what it means to be sexually healthy.

And a few seconds later, Ms. Fulbright declares;

Women especially have such a warped sense of what it means to be sexually liberated and empowered; they're disconnected from their bodies and they're not really sure what true sexual pleasuring means in this day and age.
Apparently, if you're a "sexologist", you're also qualified to be a "futurologist" and to speak for all women, plus if you watch the thing through to its conclusion, she presents herself as an expert on the value of social networking.

Warning: The 3:36 clip uses thirty seconds from a Girls Gone Wild infomercial as b-roll.
16th-Aug-2007 12:13 am (UTC)
The Lords of Mass Media tell most people what to think. They tell people what to think about food, what to think about war, what to think about dancing, what to think about religion and also, what to think about sex. In this sense, the lowly grunts they employ, mostly indirectly, in producing this material, pursue cultivation of very much the same list of qualifications all mass marketed products are cultivated to produce.

They employ the same methods as advertisers and television programmers and Wal-Mart, that is unfortunate, because it not only sucks the life out the medium, but in a way homogenizes it as well. This insures that the largest percentage of the stupid and tasteless population is conditioned for the most predictable of perversities, with the most mindless and ambitious of drives behind it, in effect reducing what could have been a useful binding process, to the same thoughtless consumerism that governs french fry and sneaker sales.

Speaking for all is unnecessary, statistics are plausible and not absolutes, but if you seek exceptions, you might try a hermitess living for most of her life in a cave near the top of MacNaughton of the Adirondacks, as she might not have been exposed to this material, quite as much as everyone else.
3rd-Sep-2007 11:52 pm (UTC) - do your homework first
I caught the segment and did my homework on Dr. Fulbright. Turns out she is a doctor in sexology, so she's not making up this "sexologist" bit, and, as such, would be a pretty sound resource in not only speaking about what has happened in American sex lives up to this point, but what's likely to happen in the fairly near future. I actually give her kudos for calling the situation out for what it is - women who think they're in control of their sexuality, but who have, in many respect, put the women's lib back as far as sexual empowerment goes. These girls think that they're owning their bodies and sexuality BECAUSE of the media.

Furthermore, I think Fulbright made her points in a way that didn't come across as anti-porn or as a puppet of the industry or as somebody who thinks she's a know-it-all. Rather than attacking Fulbright's credentials or views, I think you could've gotten a much more constructive blog going in stating your issues w/ what she had to say exactly - and by providing concrete proof showing that she is off her mark. Otherwise, as it stands now, this blog posting and your personal issues w/ the newsmedia and this expert are what come off as completely ridiculous.
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