December 30th, 2009



I realize that I've posted on more than one occasion that I'm still reading my friend's list and though you might not believe it, the fact remains true. A couple of times a week, I log into LJ and read through until I had read before. Occasionally, I comment. Often, I snicker and on more than one occasion, I "borrow" some of your links.

What I've done with those links is that I'm trying to forge a new online identity through an actual, full-fledged blog. Unfortunately right now, "fledged" seems like the right word because if it weren't for people googling themselves or a particular subject, my traffic would be a lot less.

Like a lot of fledglings, this new blog is still trying to find its wings and though it may be a little heavy on political and media links, with some pop culture, oddities and just a twist of opinion, if you're at all interested in these things and/or if you can be patient while I start to mix-in other subjects: I'd appreciate you stopping by, along with any comments, retweets, reposts or diggs that you'd like to administer.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to figure-out a use for this space. I've actually contemplated using it for the reasons it was originally intended, which means there will be a lot more friends-only posts in the future and because I'm still reading, I appreciate anyone and everyone keeping me onboard.

BTW) If any future friends would like to add me, it's been a while since I've gone through my profile, but because I'm still reading and I like the camaraderie of this space, not to mention the privacy features... I may be relatively quiet, but I'm still game.