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Chaotic Convergence
Where my right brain and left brain meet.
Let's have a Dialogue! 
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30th-Dec-2009 01:34 pm - Self-Pimp
I realize that I've posted on more than one occasion that I'm still reading my friend's list and though you might not believe it, the fact remains true. A couple of times a week, I log into LJ and read through until I had read before. Occasionally, I comment. Often, I snicker and on more than one occasion, I "borrow" some of your links.

What I've done with those links is that I'm trying to forge a new online identity through an actual, full-fledged blog. Unfortunately right now, "fledged" seems like the right word because if it weren't for people googling themselves or a particular subject, my traffic would be a lot less.

Like a lot of fledglings, this new blog is still trying to find its wings and though it may be a little heavy on political and media links, with some pop culture, oddities and just a twist of opinion, if you're at all interested in these things and/or if you can be patient while I start to mix-in other subjects: I'd appreciate you stopping by, along with any comments, retweets, reposts or diggs that you'd like to administer.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to figure-out a use for this space. I've actually contemplated using it for the reasons it was originally intended, which means there will be a lot more friends-only posts in the future and because I'm still reading, I appreciate anyone and everyone keeping me onboard.

BTW) If any future friends would like to add me, it's been a while since I've gone through my profile, but because I'm still reading and I like the camaraderie of this space, not to mention the privacy features... I may be relatively quiet, but I'm still game.
6th-Aug-2009 01:47 am - Comma to the Top S
The following video is pretty long and maybe the most remarkable thing is that I can't recall any curves, but if you decide to watch (or listen to) this manufactured amusement, you might want to also consider adding a slow news day's reaction.

(via Cajun Boy in the City)
24th-Jul-2009 08:52 am - Morning Snicker
For one reason or another, I was reading the Craigslist TOS and clicked-over to their "Best Of" feature.

Some are simple, a few outrageous and there are those like the following, which I can understand.


My deceased aunt gave my two kids a Cocker Spaniel a few months back. The dog has been a terror and become overwhelming for me. I am a single father raising two young children. I cannot face telling the kids that the dog must go. I have found a good home for the dog, and just need someone to transport the dog, and play the villain.

Premise: You will be the dog walker hired by daddy (me) to walk Skittles. I will introduce you to the kids, and you will tell them you are going to help Skittles get her exercise when Daddy is too busy to walk her. At that point you will walk Skittles to your car and take her to her new family 20 minutes from my place. Then return holding just a leash. The story will be that Skittles broke free of the leash and took off. At this point prepare for crying, things being thrown at you, and possibly cursing. My kids are young and dramatic, they're girls.

Pay will be $500. The job will take roughly 2 hours at best.

This job is ideal for an actor looking to diversify their role base, or someone who genuinely likes to make children cry. Acting experience is a plus, but not necessary. Please inform me of any prior experience in this kind of situation.

17th-Jul-2009 11:25 am - Randomness: Getting Used to the Place
In New Mexico, it rarely rained and because Socorro is protected by a mountain range on the west with a high plateau behind it, the little bit of moisture making it into the area could easily be too high to reach the ground in town, or the storms would often crash into the mountain and either veer or split.

In Southern Illinois, it'd be much easier to count the days it hasn't rained and just off the top of my head, I'd say there's been fewer than ten completely dry days over the past four months. Also, back in Socorro, thunder cracked, while here thunder rumbles and if you're upstairs, it really sounds like something is rolling across the roof.


Today marks the first day that my son might actually play outside by himself.

We've been in this house for twenty-two days and he won't knowingly be on a floor by himself. I've tried to wander off, while he's busy in the playroom, but as soon as he hears me on the stairs, he's right there, behind me.

I'm getting no ghost vibe and he's never said anything specific. He'll simply say "I can't" or "I'm scared" and I've been chalking it up to insecurity from the move, along with the fact that while we were living in hotels, he was never alone.

I have to say that I'm kind of proud that he's voluntarily trying to play outside. Though since I've started typing this post, he's come back to my office three times, but after he says whatever he wanted to express, he's goes back outside.

Maybe if I spent a little time in the kitchen, so he can see me, he'll finally be able to finish the road he's trying to Tonka-up in the drive.
I'd have to check my timeline, but it seems like I launched a couple of non-automated aggregators which took-up a lot of my time. Pretty much, if I were awake, I was updating and working toward perfecting a bot that might automate their production.

Then, before I could get the things fully automated, I had to go out of town for a few weeks and the hotel where I was staying had a crappy wireless system and before I knew it, I felt that my aggregation sites had lost all credibility.

This led me into a funk and because I had been away from LJ for so long, I ended-up taking an extended break. Then, slowly and occasionally, I'd drop in on my friendslist and just read or I'd read a couple of FOAF lists without making comments.

After this had gone on for a while, my wife and I decided that it was time for us to make a move and this meant that I had to devote all of my time to finishing my fixer-upper, so that it'd be ready for sale and then after my wife had accepted her new position, I fell into a general contractor mode and tried to keep assorted crews working for more than a couple of months to finish the house.

Now, I've moved and after spending about three months in various hotel rooms, I'm in my new house located in southern Illinois and because we've bought a much larger home on a much larger lot, I'm falling back into the internet game because it'd be nice, if I could generate some additional monthly income.

Of course this is also something of a fixer-upper, but right now, my primary focus is getting back into the internet biz (while still being a stay-at-home Dad) and that means I'm back in front of the computer for hours upon hours out of every day. This also means that I'm back to making LJ, a multiple-times-a-day part of my life and if my friendslist don't mind, I'd like to go back to burdening them with my occasional rants, links and cockamamie observations about the things that I see.

So, how's everyone doing?
Hopefully, if you don't throw too many stones or stage a mass exodus, I'll stick around for a while.
I just witnessed a striking commercial on Hulu for a program that apparently airs on BBC-America. At first, I didn't have a clue to what they were selling, but after doing a quick search, I found that "Torchwood" will be starting its third season in a few days and I found my way back to the BBC-America site, where I saw that the new episodes will be available via iTunes.

I don't have an iPod and I'm one of the vast majority of people, who don't really listen to a lot of music and who've never purchased one of Apple's ridiculously small, proprietary devices.

In the past, whenever I've seen something that has interested me and learned that it's only available on iTunes, I've occasionally flipped over to their site to see if they've shut-down their sales-limiting walled garden. And, like every other time that I've done this with only a few early exceptions, I simply left after seeing that they still demand you to download some kind of spyware to shop in their store.

I don't want something that's going to search my hard-drive for non-existent music, I'd just like to see how much an episode of some particular program will cost and I'd like to know for certain that it'll play on a computer and not just some new-fangled pocket watch.

Is that really too much to ask?
Why can't I shop in their store?

Sure, Apple appears to be doing pretty well, but I'm not the only person who doesn't have iTunes on my computer and I'm among the majority. Therefore, I'm equally sure that if they'd set-up something like Amazon's "Video on Demand" store, they'd do a lot better because I for one would probably give them some money from time to time.
25th-Sep-2008 09:50 am - The Global Pool of Money
I realize that haven't posted for more than a year and maybe this will signal an end to my silence, plus maybe prompt me to post some kind of explanation, but I thought the following links were too good not to share.

As you've probably noticed, the whole world is in a state of turmoil because to quote John McCain, "the economy is about to crater".

I've seen a few folks on my friendlist wonder about this and/or offer their opinions over the past couple of weeks, so when I learned about an easy-to-understand explanation of the problem which was put together for NPR's "This American Life", back in May, I thought it was too important not to pass along.

Streaming Audio

ETA: The audio version is 59 minutes and the transcript is 20 pages, so if you're one of those on-the-go kind of folks, there's also a paid download available on the program's archive. (#355, May '08)
20th-Aug-2007 12:35 pm - Self-Pimp
Charlie Rose is playing the other room and it's his repeat of Friday's tribute to New York Socialite Brooke Astor, who died last week. As I'm listening, I was initially reminded of my post from last January about her family and thus far, I haven't heard much of anything about the controversy which was such a large part of her final years and my blog entry, so I thought I'd offer a link.

PS) If anyone decides to visit Mr. Rose's site and if they're feeling particularly geeky or fearful, his recent hour about preparing for and protecting ourselves against a global pandemic is pretty dry, yet incredibly interesting.
19th-Aug-2007 08:05 pm - Another Quick Music Post
We've been cleaning the house, so I flipped on WERU out of Blue Hill, Maine for the tailend of their world music show and their Sunday afternoon, music and commentary program called "Women's Voices.

One of the songs jumped out at me, so I moved over to the computer, when the DJ was going through the playlist of songs that we had just heard. Unfortunately, I can't find a full-length copy of Christine Lavin's "Happydance", the title track from her new album "Happy Dance of the Xenophobe", but I did find that it may have been previously called "Quit Your Sobbing - She's an Idiot".

Nonetheless, if you've got a couple of minutes and would like a taste of this song and the other fun, bouncy tunes on her new album, I suggest playing through its Amazon Sampler and perhaps viewing a live, festival performance of what may be an older song, "Sensitive New Age Guys".
19th-Aug-2007 04:09 am - Pop Tarts

If you go to the supermarket, you can't miss the many stories about Britney Spears and her custody battle with Kevin Federline.

I don't know the facts of her life, but if you look around the headlines and actually look at the photographs, you see what appears to be a fairly normal family. And, if you bother to read the stories (click the mags), you'll find that a lot of the accusations are that she prefers for the nannies to change the kid's diapers and to see them to bed; she's sometimes naked in front of the kids; some of the staff, whom she considers to be her friends have seen her undressed; she drinks and takes a prescription medication.

None of those things are really outlandish and other than the time, when she nudged a car in a parking garage recently, almost all of the stories are coming from unnamed sources and they always appear in an article surrounded by quotes from his lawyer.

Well, we all know how unnamed sources or senior White House officials sometimes go.

I don't know if she's a normal, single mother, who is worth about $120m and isolated from society by the paparazzi or a trainwreck, nor do I know if she's going to keep living in the limelight or eventually head back to Louisiana. All I know is what I see and among those things that I have seen over the years have been stories about the occasional millionaire's ex-spouse collecting tens of thousands in monthly child support, so I have to take all of the Britney character assassination with a grain of salt.
The founder and CEO of blogsearch Technorati has announced that he's stepping down from his executive position and installing a team of the company's Vice Presidents to serve as President. In his post explaining the move, Mr. Sifrey notes that their search for a replacement CEO has taken longer than anticipated, while others have noted that Technorati has benefited from several influxes of cash and may be headed toward oblivion because latecomer Google has been eating their shorts with a less functional tool.

I've long held that from the outside, Technorati looks like a good acquisition target for Yahoo! because it matches a lot of the criteria they've used in the past and a simple implementation of contextual advertising could be what the doctor ordered. Though I can speak only for myself, but I'd say that one of the big reasons that Technorati's widgets don't litter the web is because there's no back end from the results. Sure, Google hasn't offered an embeddable blogsearch and you're just left with their plain vanilla service, but if you use it or their "search within this site" functionality, the possibility does exist for you to monetize the results with AdSense.

Of course, Yahoo! is also in the business of contextual ads, plus their blogsearch tool was only available for a while and then it disappeared, or at least I can no longer find it. Nonetheless, it wouldn't take much for them to marry advertising to the Technorati widgets, but they have their own problems at this time and though I still think they should consider the purchase, if somebody were to ask me the solution to Yahoo!'s woes, the acquisition of Technorati would be the somewhere around third on my list.

It's still a good idea and the price is obviously ticking down, but since Mr. Sifrey made his announcement another scenario has popped into my head and because they aren't plagued by an infernal internal memo, it may actually be a more realistic option.

My SuggestionCollapse )
17th-Aug-2007 02:49 am - This in Not Becoming a Video Blog
The following was uploaded to YouTube with the simple title "Women in Film", but for the purposes of this post, I'm going to retitle it "The Face of Beauty?". (question mark intended and it looks great fullscreen)
(via Jezebel)
15th-Aug-2007 01:50 pm - Job Description: Make Believiologist
I was fishing through Fox News the other evening, when I ran across a video titled "Post Porn Effect" and because it obviously discusses one of the topics that I've blogged about in the past, I clicked to view.

If pressed, I can say that I may agree with some of the stuff spouted by "Sexologist" Yvonne Fulbright, but I don't believe all or possibly most of it by any means and the following quotes jumped out at me, as being worthy of note;
Up until today, we've seen people with a warped sense of their sexuality because a Puritanical background. Twenty years from now, it'll be because we're a porn-obsessed culture that really is perverse in the way that we're handling what it means to be sexually healthy.

And a few seconds later, Ms. Fulbright declares;

Women especially have such a warped sense of what it means to be sexually liberated and empowered; they're disconnected from their bodies and they're not really sure what true sexual pleasuring means in this day and age.
Apparently, if you're a "sexologist", you're also qualified to be a "futurologist" and to speak for all women, plus if you watch the thing through to its conclusion, she presents herself as an expert on the value of social networking.

Warning: The 3:36 clip uses thirty seconds from a Girls Gone Wild infomercial as b-roll.
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